This is the layer for labelling the highways. Only highways that are named name=* and are long enough to place text upon appear. The OSM roads are stitched together if they contain the same name to have better label placement than having many small linestrings. For motorways you should use the ref field to label them while for other roads you should use name.



German name name:de if available, otherwise name or name:en.


The OSM name value of the highway.


The OSM ref tag of the motorway or its network.


English name name:en if available, otherwise name.


Length of the ref field. Useful for having a shield icon as background for labeling motorways.


Distinguish between more and less important roads.

Possible values:

  • motorway
  • trunk
  • primary
  • secondary
  • tertiary
  • minor
  • service
  • track
  • path
  • raceway
  • rail
  • transit


The network type derived mainly from network tag of the road. See more info about us-*, ca-transcanada, or gb-*.

Possible values:

  • us-interstate
  • us-highway
  • us-state
  • ca-transcanada
  • gb-motorway
  • gb-trunk
  • road (default)
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