Terms of use for the free pre-generated OpenStreetMap vector tiles

We love the open-source and open-data community. Our pre-generated OpenStreetMap vector tiles (which you can download for free on this website) are legally usable for:

  • open-source and open-data community projects
  • non-commercial personal projects
  • evaluation and education purposes

For other use cases (commercial products, web portals in production, mobile apps, etc.) there are two ways how to apply the open-source OpenMapTiles maps:

1) Create the vector tiles data yourself with our open-source software, just follow the documentation. Consider the time necessary for the task and the required infrastructure costs (e.g. generating the planet on Amazon may get you a bill for up to a thousand dollars)

2) Purchase World production package or Area extract which includes:

  • the right to use our prepared OpenStreetMap data packages in your products
  • always derived from the latest OpenStreetMap data - updated!
  • global hill shading raster tileset
  • global contour lines vector tileset

Generating, hosting and updating the large map packages with vector tiles costs resources and time. We are keen to make this project sustainable and maintain it in the years to come. Therefore, we ask for a contribution from the end-users.

Our non-commercial and free vector tile download service shall not be used with third-party mobile apps or software. Always host extracts for your products on your own server!


OpenMapTiles.org is an open-source project from Klokan Technologies GmbH and OSM community
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