Landcover is used to describe the physical material at the surface of the earth. At lower zoom levels this is from Natural Earth data for glaciers and ice shelves and at higher zoom levels the landcover is implied by OSM tags. The most common use case for this layer is to style wood (class=wood) and grass (class=grass) areas.



Use the class to assign natural colors for landcover.

Possible values:

  • farmland
  • ice
  • wood
  • grass
  • wetland


Use subclass to do more precise styling. Original value of either the natural, landuse, leisure, or wetland tag.

Possible values:

  • allotments
  • farm
  • farmland
  • orchard
  • plant_nursery
  • vineyard
  • grass
  • grassland
  • meadow
  • forest
  • village_green
  • recreation_ground
  • park
  • wetland
  • grassland
  • bog
  • swamp
  • wet_meadow
  • marsh
  • reedbed
  • saltern
  • tidalflat
  • saltmarsh
  • mangrove
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