The OpenMapTiles vector tile schema is open source and licensed under MIT. You are free to use it to generate your own OpenMapTiles and then use those vector tiles however you would like while respecting the original ODbL license of OpenStreetMap.

Requirements & Recommendations

To work on OpenMapTiles, we recommend:

  • Linux on x86_64 CPU
  • >15 GB of free disk space
  • >3 GB RAM.

More details available in repo.

You need also Docker:

Clone the OpenMapTiles repo.

git clone
cd ./openmaptiles

Generate the Vector Tiles

Download the latest Docker images.

docker-compose pull

Now generate the vector tiles using the quickstart bash script.


By default, it will generate vector tileset of Albania for zoom levels 0 – 7 into data directory.

K is an open-source project from Klokan Technologies GmbH and OSM community
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