MapTiler Server

The easiest way how to deploy world basemap powered by OpenStreetMap.

Download and install

Download an installer for your system:

Server Download

On Windows, open the installer and follow the installation wizard.

On Linux, install with:

  • (DEB) sudo dpkg -i maptiler-server-x.x.x.deb
  • (RPM) sudo rpm -i maptiler-server-x.x.x.rpm

2. Start server

Windows: Launch the installed application

Linux: Run directly with maptiler-server or as system service maptiler-server-servicify.

3. Add data and run administration

Put MBTiles into the server’s work directory and visit the web administration at http://localhost:3560/admin in your browser.

How to run MapTiler Server on Linux

How to run MapTiler Server on Windows

How to run MapTiler Server on macOS is an open-source project from OMT community and MapTiler who provides Maps API.
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