Maputnik is a free and open visual editor for the Mapbox GL style specification. You can either use the publicly available version of Maputnik at or download the editor to use it locally.

Edit the Style online

The easiest way to get started is choosing an existing style as a starting point. On you can choose from many existing styles that work well with OpenMapTiles and directly edit them.

Once you are done editing the style you can download the modified style JSON.

Choose style in Maputnik

Edit the Style locally

If you want to edit the style locally with the Maputnik CLI you can clone the GitHub repository of one of the OpenMapTiles styles. Under Styles you can find a list of styles.

In this example we will use the Positron style. Clone the repository containing the style JSON file.

git clone

Now start Maputnik and tell it to watch the style.json file for changes. Any time you change something in Maputnik it will save back the changes to the style.json file. You can even edit the style.json file in your favorite text editor and it will reload Maputnik.

After Maputnik has started visit http://localhost:8000 to access the editor.

maputnik --watch --file style.json

Check out the video tutorial how to use Maputnik to edit a local style.

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