You can also use Mapbox Studio Classic in combination with OpenMapTiles to create Tilemill2 tile styles for Mapnik renderer.

NOTE: If you need raster tiles it is highly recomended to use the TileServerGL project, which provides raster tiles rendered on server side from the vector tiles and the modern GL styles.

Change the Source

Go to Vector tile hosting and get a free key. Then download tilejson from URL{key}

and save it as a file with .json extension (the extension is necessary for Mapbox Studio Classic). Upload the JSON to the web, e.g. using Gist. Finally change the source of your TM2 style to URL of your tilejson and save the style.

Mapbox Studio Classic hange source

Write CartoCSS

Change the CartoCSS selector to match the OpenMapTiles layers. Study the OpenMapTiles vector tile schema to find layers and attributes you need to create your map.

Check out the video tutorial how to port an existing TM2 style to OpenMapTiles.

Ported Classic Styles

We ported over some nice looking open licensed raster tile styles.

K is an open-source project from Klokan Technologies GmbH and OSM community
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