You can upload the OpenMapTiles vector tiles to Mapbox studio to work on styles or host the tiles.

Choose a Style

The easiest way to get started with styling is to choose one of existing styles that is close to what you want to achieve, and edit the style as you want.

Under Styles you can find a list of OpenMapTiles styles and links to the GitHub repositories.

Download Style

Go to GitHub repository of the chosen style and download it as ZIP archive (Clone or download > Download ZIP). The repository consists of style.json that contains style definitions, and optionally also icons/ folder, which contains SVG files that are used as symbols in the map.

To correctly display your style, you will also need to download fonts used in style.json. Those can be found in OpenMapTiles Fonts repository.

Upload sample style to Mapbox Studio

Mapbox Studio is design platform by Mapbox you can use to edit your style.

Create a new account if you don’t have any. Go to Fonts, click Upload fonts and upload fonts that you downloaded before.

Go to Tilesets, click New tileset, and upload tileset you will use for styling. Note this can be only a sample (e.g. one city) and not the whole tileset you want to publish later. After the tileset is uploaded, go back to list of tilesets, click on your tileset and remember Map ID on the right side.

Edit style.json in text editor and change tileset’s Map ID to yours:

  "sources": {
    "openmaptiles": {
      "url": "mapbox://<YOUR TILESET'S MAP ID>",
      "type": "vector"

Go to Styles section and click New style button. Name your style and select Empty from style previews.

Go to Styles, click Edit next to your style, click Properties in the bottom left corner, then Images, click to input field next to Background pattern, then Add SVG Images and upload SVG files from icons folder you downloaded before.

Go to Styles, click to menu button next to your style, select Replace, and upload your style.json.

Now you are ready to edit your style using Mapbox Studio. When it is done, you can download your style from Mapbox Studio and save it anywhere you want (go to Styles, click to menu button next to your style, select Download). Then you can use the style e.g. for web or mobile viewers.

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